среда, 13 января 2010 г.

Following life on the screen

This life people have is common and there is nothing peculiar in it and nothing happens. And people get bored with this life they need adventures and they need something new to happen in their lives. They of need it because they know that there is another life and people have exciting lives with a number of events and this is the way people are thirsty for. And they learn about these exciting lives from their TV-sets, they see it on the screen and they think they also can have a life like this, well, at least they want to have life like this. I guess it is the negative influence of television to people and this is the main drawback of it. People should know that life they see on the screen has nothing to do with the real life and it is just show to make people watch TV and to make them interested at it. Though, numbers of people leave everything and they are chasing the life from the screen and they are hurt in this race. They are hurt because they are never ready for the danger of this world.

TV and switching

People say they like watching TV and in most cases if you ask one about what he or she is doing in the evening one will say “watching TV”, though it is not quite right. Most people never watch TV and they are just switching channels. They never know what they want to see and they only need something to waste time, which is why they switch in their TV-set. Television is the best and the cheapest kind of entertainment, and people never have to leave their homes for it. Though, indeed they never watch TV but they are switching channels. See, if one is watching a movie and there is an ad break than one looks for another channel without ad trailers and variety of channels makes one stick in switching. He or she usually forgets about that movie and start watching some other show or movie bit the same happens to this new matter of interest. Switching is like a disease and people can’t stop it. Psychologists even say that this activity may be recognized as a form of modern addiction. People need that switching more than they need TV and shows and movies and so on.

воскресенье, 10 января 2010 г.

TV instead of people

I don’t really like watching TV but I have TV-set at home and in most cases it is on. I never watch it and I never know what is going on there but it is always on and I will not turn it off. You may wonder why I need my TV-set on in case I’m not going to watch it and I have answer for you. I need TV-set instead of people. See, when home alone silence seems too loud and there should be something to light this silence and I use my TV-set as thing that lightens silence around me. I have TV-set instead of people because it never stops talking and there is always something on. TV-set never stops talking and saves me from silence and at the same time TV-set never expects me to answer it and talk to it in response and so on and so forth. I never watch TV, well I rare watch TV but I listen to it all the same and that is why I need television. People are talking and they need you to listen to them and answer them something, but there are times when you don’t feel like talking and listening and so on and TV-set will never take it as an offence.

Switch the channel

It is the television we have today in order not to get bored with the long nights at home. It is the television we have today in order to find out everything about the latest and the mist important events of the world and it is the television that makes us stay at home instead of having fun together with our friends someplace else. There is no such a person in the world who would know nothing about television and there is no such a person who can frankly say he or she never watches the TV. Today you can choose any channel you like and find the film or program there you wanted. That is the TV today, you can hear the news from all over the world and you can hear it from different sources of information and make your own mind about the fact or event. And that switching of channel is actually recognized as a disease, so you should be careful. Television is good but there are a lot of things in this world that are twice better than it, so switch the channels and receive the information you need but do not get possessed with it.

вторник, 14 апреля 2009 г.

Cure for loneliness

When loneliness creeps up and rears its ugly head you can either decide to hang with it or you can decide that you would like to beat it. Most people would prefer to beat loneliness but have no idea how. It’s not that hard if you have a phone, a few bucks, or a destination. Sometimes our friends are far away. We move. We start over. We get divorced, and loneliness floods us because we are more than merely alone. Just because the circumstances of your loneliness are not perfect, this doesn’t mean that you can’t beat it rather than hang with it.
Some people use the internet as a cure for loneliness. I don’t think this is the most effective cure for loneliness as this can lead to much more heart break than it solves. But there are times when the only connection you have to the outside world late at night is through technology. What matters is that you reach beyond the loneliness and that you enable yourself to become a competent social person once again. We all have periods of loneliness and some of them are absolutely heart wrenching. But we all have a choice when the chips are down. We can either get up and start moving or we can stay where we are. When you are grappling with loneliness, which option is more likely to release you from your current dilemma? Most of us have a way out of our loneliness even if it is only for a short time. Those reprieves can mean more than finding a new partner when you are in the boughs of loniliness.

пятница, 10 апреля 2009 г.

We have no time

Everyday we have no time to cook or no place to cook but we are hungry and we move to the nearest cafe or McDonald’s. There we can buy almost everything we want and we try to do it as quickly as possible. We eat quickly and move to our jobs, universities etc. Fast food restaurants help us to save our time, but do they help to save our health? Many people consider this question to be childish and silly, but there is still a food for thought.
It is not a secret that there is a great amount of calories in fast food. But there is also a trans fat in fast food. Trans fat is a common name for a type of unsaturated fat with trans-isomer fatty acid. Trans fats which are commonly found in fast food have been shown in many tests to have a negative health effect on the body. A 2006 study fed monkeys a diet consisting of a similar level of trans fats a person who ate fast food regularly would consume. Both diets contained the same overall number of calories. It was found out that monkeys who consumed higher level of trans fat developed more abdominal fat than those fed a diet rich in unsaturated fats. They also developed signs of insulin resistance, which is an early indicator of diabetes. After six years on the diet, the trans fat fed monkeys had gained 7.2% of their body weight, compared to just 1.8% in the unsaturated fat group.
To sum up we would like to add that people should think what they eat.

среда, 8 апреля 2009 г.

What is TV for you?

Television is one of the most used words in contemporary language. However, it's not a very old thing. It's a way of delivering information, a mass-media tool. It's the second place after the Internet to know news quickly and the weather, to listen to the experts' comments on political situation, to watch an interesting or a useful films (they are rare to be both at once), to see the wild life or some countries you will have never been to. It creates dreams, it makes you think like other people, dream of and buy the things they want you to dream of and buy. So, there are many opinions about the television.
Nearly everyone nowadays has a TV-set in his house, but does he watch it? Elderly people, usually pensioners who have a lot of free time; they watch TV for some hours a day. They most enjoy the soap operas, and some specialists even call it a sort of narcotics. Adults who still work watch not much, but they relax watching films. And the young people, that some years ago were constantly watching TV, now gave it up for another greatest tool of entertainment - the Internet.
And what is TV for you?